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Tips for Preparing Your Move in Oak Ridge, TN

How do I pack my storage unit?
There are several things to consider when moving things into a storage unit. The size of the unit depends on the amount of items you need to store. Always plan ahead. You will want to move the frequently accessed items towards the front. Leave a path to the back and space around the edges of the unit for ventilation and access.
What can I store in a storage unit?
Generally, household items and equipment are stored. If you have a lawn mower make sure to remove gas and oil for safety. For a better idea of what can be stored, check out the items below.
Office Equipment
Wood Furniture
Musical Instruments
Sporting Equipment
Seasonal Decorations
What can't I store in a storage unit?
Items restricted from storage are mainly perishables and dangerous chemicals, including the following.
  • Food and Drink
  • Plants and Animals
  • People (dead or alive)
  • Hazardous, noxious or flammable materials
  • Illegal drugs
  • Explosives, firearms and other weapons